Meet the Experts

Six professionals with decades of experience in forestry, timber, wood products manufacturing, and business analytics collaborated to examine and report on the current state of the mass timber industry and its prospects for the future.


Bryan Beck

President, The Beck Group

Extensive experience in wood products manufacturing across North America including lumber and mass timber panel operations with a focus on planning, benchmarking and analysis.  Bryan also has experience in the construction industry.


Roy Anderson

Vice President, The Beck Group

Roy has more than 30 years of forestry and forest products industry experience including completion of two CLT manufacturing feasibility studies. He also spoke about mass timber lumber supply at the 2016 International Mass Timber Conference.


Zach Rollins

Consultant, The Beck Group

Former accountant in the wood products industry experienced in analyzing wood products pricing and trends in end use, cost and performance benchmarking, developing forecasting models, and evaluating economic feasibility.


Craig Rawlings

President & CEO, Forest Business Network

Recognized as a national expert and leader in under-utilized timber and woody biomass with more than 40 years experience in the forest and forest product sector. FBN also owns and co-produces the International Mass Timber Conference.


David Atkins

President, Treesource

A Forester and Forest Ecologist by training and 40 years of practice; his passion is to bring together the social, environmental, and economic elements needed to create a sustainable society.


Charles B. Gale

Principal, Doug Fir Consulting

Knowledgeable in forestry, wood products, and business analysis seeking to address society’s need for a more sustainable economy through environmentally conscious techniques. Charles has a long-term consulting engagement with a mass timber manufacturer.