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Mass timber use in North American building construction is growing exponentially. To help further that growth, our expert team developed a mass timber business intelligence report that you can use to sell your project and to help manage project risk at all levels of the supply chain. 

The first of its kind report is packed with fresh, accurate information valuable to all members of this growing industry including:

Forestland Owners–gain clarity on the linkages between this new to North America building construction technology, forest restoration efforts, and the value of timberland and logs

Forest Products Manufacturers–use the report to develop solid plans for positioning your firm to serve this rapidly growing forest products market

Mass Timber Manufacturers–understand how your products and services stack up against the rest of the North American mass timber producers and how current production capacity compares to  market demand

Architects & Engineers–learn how the entire family of mass timber products performs aesthetically and structurally, mass timber’s positive sustainability story, and how you can specify the use of mass timber in your next building project

Building Contractors–avoid unexpected construction setbacks by learning from the experiences of other contractors who have completed mass timber construction projects

Building Developers–use the report as an objectively sourced sales tool that illustrates to your clients and project funding sources that mass timber is cost-competitive, legitimate, and here to stay

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*If you are purchasing the digital version to read on a laptop or desktop computer, you may need to download a digital book reader. We recommend Kindle, a free mobi reader, or Adobe Digital Editions, a free e-pub reader.

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